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Crazy to think it’s the most recent game in the series. Would you like to see Nintendo perhaps localise F-Zero Climax one day? This zip file is a collection of JPG scans (this isn’t a PDF). The original fan-based English translation by DeJap Translations that we all know and love! EarthBound is not translated because it’s online very hard to edit the text, or at least much harder than in Mother 1.

I can just see Japanese kids running to tell their friends whenever they finished a new part of the game. It’s harder to feel that way now if you’re an older gamer, but if you at least keep that in mind it should help. Still, if I had a lot of free time and/or money I’d love to work on the MOTHER 2 side of the game so we could have all three GBA games fan-translated. Gameshark codes to access all this hidden/unused content will be provided when the patch is released, however.


UnovaRPG has a friendly and active community, with over 10,000 players registered. You can team up or fight against other players, and you’ve got over 800 Pokémon to collect. Unfortunately, Sage is currently only a short demo with three gym badges to earn, so if you’re in it for the long game, look elsewhere.

  • For more information, see the Add games and BIOS files section below.
  • Cores are fundamentally plugins for different consoles that let RetroArch run games of other consoles.
  • Game Play Color should automatically update to show any .gbc or .gb files you add to Google Drive.
  • The Delta Emulator is a great Emulator for iOS since not only you can play the GBA games but also some other emulator games which is great!

Eclipse has put more emphasis on the clean and lightweight interface, which is because it’s a web-based tool. Barring occasional lags, I have found this GBA emulator to be rather reliable. The emulator features a skins page where you can explore a variety of skins and choose to get the preferred ones.

Best GBA Games to Play in 2022

Tactics Advance wasn’t for the faint of heart, though it was probably the best game on GBA for serious strategy game buffs. It’s no surprise Metroid Fusion was developed by the same team that made Super Metroid. Fusion practically felt like an unrelated sequel when it launched in 2002. Fusion featured a similarly lengthy open-world to explore, letting players scour and uncover secrets and ways forward at their own pace.

It will be a bit of time before the rom is ready to download. I know someone who can translate japanese to english, I have forked to your project on github so if I can get him to translate it, I can upload it to github for you to finish it. This started just as a way to practice my Japanese , but it ballooned into much more when we realized what we needed to do to make our Climax translation the best it could be. It ended up taking a team of 5 almost 3 and a half years to finally complete and we definitely couldn’t have done it without everyone involved. I think I’ll be taking it easy as far as translation goes for awhile haha.

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